Getting To St. Croix


The only way to get to St. Croix is via airplanes connecting through Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and San Juan. The major airlines that travel to St. Croix are American Airlines, Delta, US Airways and Jet Blue.   Seaborne Airlines and Cape Air travel between St Croix, San Juan and St Thomas.  Many more major airlines travel to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico and inter-island travel can be done through Seaborne Airlines or Cape Air. A website that we recommend for all up to date information regarding travel to and from St Croix is

** Passport Requirements **

US Citizens
Passports are not required for American citizens when traveling to and from St. Croix, however, you will need a valid, government issued, photo ID and (to be safe) an original copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal.

• Foreigners (non-US Citizens)
A valid passport from your country of origin is required.

For more questions on passport requirements you can call the
US Customs office on St. Croix at 340-773-1490.