We always recommend renting a car on St. Croix, but for those who choose not to will sometimes find it more difficult and more expensive.  Here are some tips and helpful information:

From the Airport:  Taxi’s are always available at the airport to travel to Cottages.  There are no hotel shuttles allowed at the airport by law as well as no busses available.  The government standardizes the taxi rates.  Taxi drivers are always sitting in a group just next to the baggage claim in floral shirts.  Tell them you need to go to Cottages by the Sea in Frederiksted.  They will give you two options: 1) A “Private” taxi which will take you privately where you want to go for full fare, or 2) a “Group” taxi where you would share the taxi with others going in your direction for a reduced fare.  Taxis on St. Croix are almost always 18-Passenger vans, so there is plenty of room.  If the taxi driver is unprofessional in any way or if you were unhappy with your experience, make sure you get the driver’s name and license plate and we would be happy to report this to the taxi commission during your stay.

Around the Island by Private Taxi:  Taxis are the easiest way to move around the island on your own. We would be happy to call you your private Taxi to pick you up at the hotel, please leave up to 30 minutes for the Taxi to arrive.  It can be difficult to secure a taxi in the late evening and during cruise ship hours.  The government standardizes the taxi rates so we recommend asking the taxi driver for a rate quote at the time the phone call is placed.  We could always call more than one taxi for a quote.

Around the Island by Group Taxi:  “Group” Taxis can only be hailed from the roadside in town or along the main road.  These are also 18-passenger vans.  The fares are per person, approximately $3.  You will share the taxi with others.  It is customary to greet the other passengers as you board with a “good afternoon” or “morning”.  These vans only travel along the main road similar to a bus route, and will charge you more if they take you off the main road.

A list of Taxi drivers with their contact information can be found at the following website provided by our Department of Tourism: http://www.visitusvi.com/stcroix/travel_transportation