The best promotion that we offer is our “Rent a Cottage, get the second cottage at 1/2 price, “Family Special”.  If you rent a cottage in the summer months of April 16 – December 14, and you rent the adjoining cottage for the same dates, we discount the price of the adjoining cottage to 1/2 price.  The lesser priced cottage of the two cottages is the cottage discounted to 1/2 price.  This promotion works well for families where the parents can stay in one cottage and their children can be right next door in the adjoining cottage.


Cockle and Cowry

Cone and Cockle (No interior adjoining door)

Castaway and Carol’s Rest

Calypso and Conch (No interior adjoining door)

Cruzan and Chocolate

Caribe and Sylvia

Coral and Sylvia (No interior adjoining door)

Coco Palm and Coco Bean

Commodore and Crew (No interior adjoining door)

Caravelle and Seaglass

Coral and Sylvia (No interior adjoining door)

This promotion can be booked online by reserving the first cottage at full price and then when booking the second cottage, use the coupon code HALFOFF and the second cottage will be discounted to half price.  This coupon code only works on the following cottages:  Cockle Shell, Carols Rest, Conch, Chocolate, Sylvia, Coco Bean, Crew and Seaglass.  Improper use of this coupon code will result in the pending reservation NOT being accepted on our end.  Our availability chart on this website is always current.



*We offer a 15% military discount,

*We offer a repeat guest discount of 10%

*We do not offer discounts in the winter months

* We no longer offer a local discount.

* We can only accept one discount per cottage, so the above discounts cannot be combined with our Family Special.