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"Established in 1949, Cottages by the Sea is a quaint, family run and value priced vacation escape, located just south of Frederiksted on a perfect stretch of sandy, white beach on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands."

Traveling to Cottages

Directions from the Airport to Cottages by the Sea

IMPORTANT: Make sure you drive on the left side of the road.

1) From the St. Croix Airport exit, turn right to Frederiksted (this is Hwy 64).

2) Go about 2 miles to JCT66 (first light) and turn left onto Hwy 66 west (not marked). This road is also known as Melvin Evans Highway but it is not marked as such.

3) Go about 3.5 miles to JCT661 (the fourth light that happens to blink) and turn right (this is North 661).

4) Drive a little over a half a mile to Queen Mary Highway (also known as Centerline Road). There is a stop light there. This intersection is known as Hannah's Rest Corner.

5) If you wish to get some groceries, turn right on Queen Mary Highway and there will be a Stop and Shop grocery store about 1/2 mile down on the left.

6) If you do not wish to get groceries, then go straight through the light at Hannah's Rest Corner. At this point the road is now Hwy 70 North. Go for almost a mile to the end (Hwy 702) and turn left. (There is a post office on the right corner of 70 and 702).

7) Travel down the hill toward the water and turn left in front of the Fish Market at the road closest to the water.

8) Cottages by the Sea will be about a half-mile down on the right, just beyond Sandcastle on the Beach


Here are a list of the Airlines that fly to St. Croix:

AIRLINES   (Airport Baggage Claim: 340-778-2000)

American/American Eagle:  1-800-474-4884
Cape Air:  1-800-352-0714
Delta Airlines:  1-800-221-1212
Seaborne Airlines:  1-888-359-8687, 340-773-6442
U.S. Airways:  1-800-622-1015

Cottages by the Sea
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