With 26 unique cottages, and without the hustle and bustle of a large resort, Cottages by the Sea is the perfect vacation getaway for those who are looking to completely unwind, relax and experience what a Caribbean vacation is supposed to be. Our guests tell us how difficult it is to find a similar place anywhere in the world!

Couples & Singles

Cottages by the Sea has long been a place where exhausted parents, caregivers, business owners or those celebrating or confronting life changing events have come to relax, reflect and “get away” either alone or with a partner.  The Caribbean living of simple cottages, dazzling sunsets, uncomplicated demands, rejuvenating breezes, friendly people and the atypical family resort feel, will provide you with a new place to escape to that you will call your “home away from home”. Cottages by the Sea is a little piece of heaven where friendships are formed and connections are made.

Family Vacations

Families choose Cottages by the Sea to spend quality time together and create memories for a lifetime.  Parents and children alike  fall in love with the beach, swimming, snorkeling, sea glass hunting, grilling, bike riding, kayaking, reading, game closet, relaxing, and spending time with their parents.  There are plenty of fun and exciting FREE activities for the adventurous family such as jumping off the Frederiksted pier, exploring the “monk baths”, driving through the rain forest, visiting the “Beer Drinking Pigs”, visiting Point Udall, hiking to the lighthouse and waterfall, and exploring the various shops in both Frederiksted and Christiansted.  Please visit our Activities page for other fun and exciting activities available to visitors of St Croix.

Cottages by the Sea will leave your family with cherished memories for a lifetime.


The peaceful, quiet, warm, breezy aspects of our property make Cottages by the Sea a perfect fit for seniors.  Convenient kitchens and spacious rooms make staying at Cottages by the Sea simple and easy for those wishing to escape the harsh winters of the North while basking in the warm, Caribbean sun.  Every night during our winter season, our large beach patios are a favorite gathering place to sit and enjoy a nightly cocktail while taking in the sunset and looking for the elusive “green flash”.  Many lasting friendships have formed over the years and 80% of our winter guests return yearly.

Danish Visitors

Formerly known as the Danish West Indies, the US Virgin Islands was purchased from Denmark in 1917,  Today, the Danish culture and architecture is still very prevalent in St Croix, making it a favorite destination for Danish guests who travel to the islands to escape the cold winters of Denmark, to search for their Danish West Indian ancestors, and to learn about he Danish history of the islands.