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Adventure Activities

Horseback Riding

Paul & Jill’s Equestrian Stables
Horseback riding in the rainforest
(340) 772-2880
Email: reservations@paulandjills.com


Equus Rides
(340) 513-4873


Cruzan Cowgirls, http://www.cruzancowgirls.com 340-690-7433(

ATV / Four-Wheeling & Jeep Tours

ATV tours of the rainforest
Gecko’s Island Adventures geckosislandadventures.com (340) 713-8820

Four-wheeling Jeep tours of St Croix
Tan Tan Tours stxtantantours.com (340) 773-7041 Email: wave@stxtantantours.com

Guided Kayak Tours

Kayaking Ecotourism Adventures
(340) 514-0062
Email: jill@virginkayaktours.com


Caribbean Adventure Tours Kayak
(340) 778-1522
Email: info@stcroixkayak.com


Sea-Thru Kayaks
(340) 244-8696
Email: tours@seathrukayaksvi.com

Buck Island Reef National Monument

Buck Island Reef National Monument
Situated just 2 miles off St. Croix’s north shore is the Buck Island Reef National Monument.  Protected through the National Park Service (NPS), most of this park is located underwater around Buck Island and protects a complete coral reef ecosystem and endangered species.  Turtle Beach, on Buck Island, was also voted one of the top ten prettiest beaches in the world.  This attraction is highly recommended for an unforgettable day of sailing, snorkeling and adventure. There is no entry fee for the park but visitors can only access Buck Island through one of the six National Park Service contracted concessionaires listed as follows:

1) Big Beard’s Adventure Tours
(340) 773-4482 BigBeards.com info@bigbeards.com


2) Caribbean Sea Adventures
(340) 773-2628 caribbeanseaadventures.com info@caribbeanseaadventures.com

Jet ski and other water sport rentals
West End Water Sports
At Rainbow Beach
(340) 277-8295
Email: reservations@wewatersports.com
Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge
Located just south of Cottages by the Sea is the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge preserve habitat for threatened and endangered species, with a particular emphasis on the Leatherback Sea Turtle. The two miles of continuous sandy beach provides an ideal habitat for turtle nesting. The refuge is closed to the public from April to August yearly and only open on the weekends the rest of the year.
(340) 773-4554
Hiking on St. Croix:

St. Croix Hiking Association
For those hiking enthusiasts, we recommend visiting the non-profit website:
(340) 690-1267


Lyric Sails
(340) 201-5227
email: lyricsailsvi@gmail.com


Point Udall
The easternmost point of the US

Scuba Diving

St Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventure
(877) 567-1367 | (340) 773-5994


Nep2une Scuba Diving
Frederiksted, North Shore 
(340) 227-1915


Frederiksted, West End 
(800) 338-3843 | (340) 718-9913

Frederiksted, West End 
(941) 504-3222


Historical Museums / Forts / Distilleries

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts
Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts
Located on the waterfront in Frederiksted on Strand
www.Cmcarts.info 340.772.2622
Email: diane.cmcarts@gmail.com
Whim Plantation Museum
Whim Plantation Museum
Whim Plantation is on Centerline Road just minutes from downtown Frederiksted Website:
Carl and Marie Lawaetz Family Museum
Carl and Marie Lawaetz Family Museum
Located north of Frederiksted, at the foot of the rainforest Website: 
Fort Frederik / Museum
Located at the base of the pier in downtown Frederiksted
St. George Village Botanical Gardens
St. George Village Botanical Gardens
Located near Frederiksted off of Centerline Road
Website: www.sgvbg.org
Email: infoatthegarden@gmail.com
Leatherback Brewing Company
Located mid-island near Kingshill
Cruzan Rum Factory
Located at Estate Diamond near the airport
Captain Morgan Rum Distillery
Fort Christiansvern
Located on the waterfront in Christiansted, this magnificent Fort is maintained by the National Parks Service and is a fabulous place to explore and learn about the use of the fort in ages past.
Columbus Landing at Salt River
On the north shore of St Croix, near the Salt River Marina, you can make your way to the place where Christopher Columbus first landed on the island he named Santa Cruz in the 1400’s. This spot is marked only by a sign, but it is still worth exploring.


Frederiksted Restaurants
  • Turtles Deli - lunch only - on Strand Street
  • Louis and Nachos (above Turtles Deli)
  • Estelle’s Breakfast at The Inn on Strand Street
  • Cibone’ - Fine French Cuisine - on King Street
  • Rhythms at Rainbow Beach – just north of Frederiksted on the beach
  • KFC – on King Street
  • Paquitoes – on King Street
  • Yam Yams – on King Street
  • The Lost Dog (pizza) – On King Street
  • Tap Deck (on Strand Street)
  • KISS Cafe’ – near Whim Museum
  • Beachside Cafe’ – next door to Cottages by the Sea at Sandcastle on the Beach Hotel
  • Freedom City Gas Station - Centerline by Whim
  • 840 STX - King St
  • Cafe Roots-N-Kulchah - Market St - Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Remi's/Jordan Market - corner King St & Market St - Great selection of most anything you would need and in town, so bike ride easy!
  • Nidualri - Artisanal bakery/food truck in the rainforest. Wed 2-6, Sat & Sun 11-3
  • Mahogany Road Chocolate - bean to bar artisanal chocolate - same hours as Nidulari
Christiansted Restaurants
  • Rumrunners
  • Zion Modern Kitchen
  • Savant
  • Angry Nates
  • The Bombay Club
  • The Bistro
  • 40 Strand Eatery
  • Café Christine
  • Balter
  • Shupes on the Boardwalk
  • Un Amore’
  • Uptown Eatery
  • The Mermaid
  • Café Fresco
North Shore Restaurants
  • Rowdy Joes
  • Eat at Cane Bay
  • AMA - previously Waves at Cane Bay
  • UnAmore - Great Italian in LaGrande Princess
  • Blue Backyard BBQ - won best BBQ this year. LaGrande Princess
East End Restaurants
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Blue Water Terrace
  • Ziggys
  • Duggans
Mid Island Restaurants
  • La Reine Chicken Shack
  • Wendys – Sunny Isle
  • Subway – Kmart Centerline Rd
  • Little Caesars – Kmart Centerline Rd
  • McDonalds – La Reine
  • Joes Italian – Sunny Isle
  • Flyers Bar and Grill – Salt River Marina
  • Pizza Hut – Sunny Isle

Grocery Stores Near Frederiksted

Plaza Extra West Supermarket
Plaza Extra West Supermarket:

The largest grocery store on the island is located about 4 miles from Cottages by the Sea on Centerline Road.  In addition to fresh produce, you will find a pharmacy, bakery and pizza, liquor and wine, and vegetarian selections.

From Hannah’s Rest intersection, take Centerline/Queen Mary Highway/70 east/ for 4 miles (past K-Mart) and you will find Plaza Extra on the left.
Stop and Shop
Stop and Shop:
A medium size grocery store, this store is only 1.5 miles from away from Cottages by the Sea.  It does not have the same large selection of foods that Plaza Extra provides, but it carries all of the basics that you will need to stock your cottage. If you are coming from the airport, this store is the most convenient to stop at on the way to cottages.
We have two full-sized K-Marts in St Croix which provide all of the same items you would purchase from any other K-Mart, including non-perishable foods and drinks, alcohol, pharmacy items, toiletries, clothes, swim gear, etc.  There are Little Caesars Pizza restaurants and pharmacies located in both K-Mart Stores. Directions: The closest K-Mart to the Cottages is on Centerline Road at Sunshine Mall, 3 miles east of Frederiksted, and the other K-Mart is located at Sunny Isle Shopping Center

Car Rental

Centerline Car Rentals
Judi of Croix Car Rentals